Store notes online that you want to refer to later!

Lost knowledge no more!

How often do you find interesting information or links online that you want to refer to later,when you have more time or attention, but on a different device? E:G When you get back home from the office or meeting. E:G when you get back home from travelling or socialising. E:G when you get back to work?

But you, or your different devices are not all compatible with regular sychronisation?
But you, or your different devices want more than just storing links or bookmarks?
But you, or your different devices don’t have access to the same apps (ios/android/windows)?

But you can’t get your head around the regular options? is the answer! is a free and minimalistic web-based service that allows you to store your notes (and not just links) directly in the cloud for review later on, on pretty much any computer (your phone, your ipad, your destkop, your work computer, even your home computer)!

Regardless of what apps or devices you use!
So you can retrieve them, anytime or anywhere!

Sounds cool, how does it work?

Glad you asked, It’s as easy as pie 🥧.

to register (it’s free – no personal info’s required!).
to login.

Add your notes like in the screenshot below :

Copy and paste your info, (like web address)
Give it a title, click Add note button,

Job done.

How easy is that!?

It’s 100% secure.
And 100% free.

So to register today (no contract or financial/personal infos required).
and to login

To retrieve your notes anytime, and anywhere!

It’s 100% virus/spam free!

We won’t sell your data, we’ll send you a carefully selected, affiliated special offer via e-mail
Once a month instead. 🙂 guaranteed!